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We help your board to have a High Impact and to be aligned with all your company’s strategic moments

Talman Group - Servicios - High Impact Board and Members

Our mission is for your board to become a constant driver of value, growth and profitability. We want it to be the ideal governing body for every strategic moment for your company, with the structure, membership and processes that will guarantee effectiveness and High Impact.

This means having a board with a strategic vision, which devotes the majority of its time to “looking to the future”. It must be composed of an effective team, with the key factor of independence, which goes beyond oversight and compliance, to truly guide and propel the company forward, and which has a tangible and ongoing impact on the running and sustainability of the company through its executives.

On top of Talman Group’s 20 years of experience in the recruitment of executive talent, we also have Jaime Grego Mayor’s 34 years of experience on various types of administrative boards, creating and managing High Impact Boards in multiple countries. This means we can provide the methodology and tools to help your board operate effectively and contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives, helping you to clearly define the “What” and “How” as a vital first step to ensuring a good fit and the correct identification of the “Who”: the board members.


Expertise, methodology and rigour as a guarantee of success.

Based on a prior analysis and a diagnosis, we design a solution tailored to your company and aligned with your strategic moment. We develop our actions in 5 phases.

Depending on the needs, you can act in all phases or design a customized solution, intervening only in the necessary phases.


Listen & Learn

Understanding where your board and your company are at any given moment

Listen & Learn (Board Assessement)

We perform an analysis to determine what your board needs (or what board you need) and to define actions and plans.

  • We interview the key people who interact with the board
  • We identify where the company is and what is expected from the board
  • We learn about the company’s strategy
  • We review the board’s documentation
  • We observe a board meeting
  • We make recommendations for moving the board towards High Impact



Designing the optimal solution for your board at this strategic moment for your company

Design (Board Advisory)

We help to design a board (structure, membership and processes) that aligns its members with the objectives.

  • We draw upon the conclusions from the previous phase and translate them into action
  • We prepare the board’s Mandate
  • We define the board’s Mission and Objectives
  • We define the competency profile for the board members
  • We define the organisation and the dynamics that the board must adhere to



Onboarding the most suitable board members

Build (Board recruitment and Training)

  • We analyse the competencies required to ensure that the board delivers at the highest level in line with its strategic objectives
  • We define the competency matrix of the board members to identify the gaps and therefore the competencies that the new board member(s) must contribute
  • We define the proposal of the board to attract candidates
  • We identify and recruit board members who contribute the required mix of knowledge, skills, experience and diversity to propel the company towards its strategic objectives and fill the identified gaps
  • We select a reduced number of candidates and present them with our assessment and recommendations
  • If necessary, we provide them with training to ensure they fit and provide a High Impact contribution
  • We design (with you) the process of incorporation to the board (onboarding)



Helping you make the board’s work High Impact


We help and guide you to ensure that the dynamics of the boards work efficiently and achieve their objectives, which are previously defined and subsequently evaluated. We monitor the factors that impact on the board’s performance.

  • We create a website for the board.
  • We provide formats for the Agenda and Documents of the board.
  • We help to prepare the Agenda with the CEO and the President.
  • We help the executives to prepare documents.
  • We moderate the meeting to ensure its effectiveness.
  • We take minutes (Advisory Boards).
  • We manage the assessment of the meeting (with our own online tool) and issue reports to the company and the board members.
  • We give feedback to board members on their contribution to the meeting, suggesting improvements and taking into account their recommendations.
  • We follow up on Action Items and Takeaways.



Following up to ensure that the board operates with consistently High Impact


We regularly assess whether the board has fulfilled its objectives, as well as all aspects regarding structure, membership and processes that influence the board’s performance, proposing changes and improvements to sustain High Impact.

  • We conduct the assessment of the board based on the results of the meetings and interviews with key people who interact with the board
  • We ratify or redefine the Mission and Objectives of the board
  • We suggest improvement measures and changes to the structure, membership and processes arising from the previous steps

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