Our detailed knowledge and wide experience in these sectors enable us to guarantee the success of our placements in institutions, with clear differentiating characteristics.

In a public sector that is becoming more and more regulated, sensitive to equality and sustainability, and in which transparency, access to public information and standards of good governance have become fundamental in all public activity, highly professional executives are required.

In the public sector, companies as well as executives insist on high degrees of objectivity, professionalism, impartiality and transparency in order to guarantee long-term relationships which are immune to the impermanence of political changes, appointments on trust and management contracts, and which are based, instead, on candidates’ professional and personal capabilities.

Organisations in the tertiary sector also need highly qualified executives who, in addition to determination, provide them with professional management that knows how to manage with scarce resources. The challenge is to recruit executives who are aligned with and committed to values according to which their contribution to society, and the satisfaction brought by the professional performance of their work, together represent an emotional reward which complements remuneration that is often in the low band.

Our methodology and our way of working, and our wide experience in these sectors, ensure the successful implementation of all our procedures.