The pharmaceutical industry is one of the main drivers of Spanish industry, especially in Catalonia. It is the sector that allocates the most resources to R+D.

Despite the existence of important Spanish laboratories, this sector is in the process of transformation and concentration, due to the increase in the cost of research and the need to target markets that are more global.

At the same time, the appearance of new, unsatisfied medical needs, the increase in awareness of the need for healthcare, and consequently for preventive medicine, and an ageing population, all constitute important challenges and opportunities for this sector.

It is a sector that involves a lot of high quality employment. In Europe, Spain is the country with the fifth largest amount of employment connected with pharmaceutical companies, in which 88% of the professional employees have high qualifications (graduates and PhDs), and in which the recruitment of talent is a key competitive factor.

Our more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector has included both work for pharmaceutical companies offering ethical specialities, OTC items, generic medicines, medical devices, diagnostic equipment, laboratories for clinical analyses, and work for companies producing and distributing chemical products, collaborating with them in the search for executive profiles and specialist technicians.