Our economy relies strongly on family businesses.

In Spain, 89% of private companies are family businesses which generate 67% of private employment and 57% of the GDP.

The essential characteristic of the family business is the close connection with a family group which has a direct influence on its management and governance, and this in turn gives it a different personality from non-family businesses.

The concept of inheritance – what one generation receives from the previous generation – with the task of keeping it and transferring it, affects the management, the organisation, the vision, the long-term decisions, the type of relationships with people and the degree of entrenchment in the territory.

A period of more than 17 years of working closely with family businesses has positioned us as experts in this type of business, and allows us to understand these organisations very well, to interpret their culture so as to accurately describe their profiles and identify the kind of talent which is best suited to that culture and which is aligned with the business’s values.

Our participation in the meetings of the Family Business Club at ESADE, and those of our Advisory Board enables us to remain permanently in contact with the framework of family businesses in our country.

Some of the projects recently carried out for family businesses:

Industrial. Auxiliar automoción.
1.000 MM Fact.
Corporate Paint Manager
Industrial. Cable eléctrico.
250 MM Fact.
Director de Compras
Auxiliar Construcción. Encofrados.
120 MM Fact.
Director General
Distribución. Equipos de refrigeración.
200 MM Fact.
Director de Servicio Post Venta
Auxiliar Construcción. Hierro y acero.
40 MM Fact.
Director General
Industrial. Maquinaria de lavandería.
170 MM Fact.
Director General
Industrial. Material eléctrico.
350 MM Fact.
Director de I+D
Laboratorio farmacéutico. Medicamentos.
170 MM Fact.
Business Unit Manager
Industrial. Mobiliario urbano, fachadas y pavimentos.
12 MM Fact.
Director General
Construcción. Obra civil y ferroviaria.
1.200 MM Fact.
Director General Corporativo
Logística. Operador logístico para automoción.
70 MM Fact.
Jefe de Administración
Industrial. Asientos y tapas de sanitarios.
30 MM Fact.
Director General
Industrial. Piscinas, riego, tratamiento del agua.
1000 MM Fact.
Director General Corpotativo
Industrial. Productos químicos.
100 MM Fact.
Director General
Industrial. Productos químicos.
200 MM Fact.
Director General de Operaciones
Editorial. Revistas y coleccionables.
53 MM Fact.
Director Comercial y Marketing
Industrial. Vajillas de porcelana para la hostelería.
6 MM Fact.
Director General

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Industrial. Aceites industriales.
12 MM Fact.
Director Comercial
Industrial. Artículos téxtiles para el hogar.
40 MM Fact.
Director Administrativo-Financiero
Industrial. Paraguas.
6 MM Fact.
Director General
Alimentación. Bollería.
200 MM Fact.
Jefe de Ingeniería
Construcción. Edificación e industrial.
60 MM Fact.
Director de RR.HH
Industrial. Equipos de tratamiento de agua.
10 MM Fact.
Director Comercial y Marketing
Industrial. Fundición de acero.
49 MM Fact.
Director de Mantenimiento
Distribución. Máquinas de café profesionales.
12 MM Fact.
Director Financiero
Servicios. Mutua asistencia médica.
2 MM Fact.
Gerente Centro Médico
Industrial. Papelera.
162 MM Fact.
Controller Industrial
Industrial. Platos preparados.
25 MM Fact.
Director Industrial
Laboratorio farmacéutico. Productos de higiene bucodental.
70 MM Fact.
Country Manager Perú
Industrial. Productos químicos.
25 MM Fact.
Director Comercial
Alimentación. Snacks.
3,8 MM Fact.
KAM (Expansión Nacional)
Servicios. Transporte urbano y concesionarios.
29 MM Fact.
Técnico de Riesgos Laborales
Alimentación. Importación y distribución de alimentos y bebidas.
27 MM Fact.
Responsable Administración y Servicios Centrales
Laboratorio farmacéutico. Medicamentos.
130 MM Fact.
Responsable de Logística
Industrial. Semillas de especies hortícolas.
75 MM Fact.
Product Manager Large Seeds