Following the severe impact of the crisis in the construction sector, accompanied by the reduction in investment in public works in Spain, which resulted in restructuring, the sector is now at the recovery stage, and growth is mainly in international markets.

In order to maintain its competitivity, the sector has undertaken the necessary professionalisation and conversion based on technology and innovation, where digital transformation and the implementation of industry 4.0 facilitate an increase in quality involving new building techniques and the use of new materials.

In building, the increasing proportion of the population living in urban areas will require buildings that are intelligent and respectful of the environment, facilitating the lives of their occupants by minimising their maintenance and the cost of their energy.

In civil engineering, the infrastructures for the generation and transmission of energy, like that for the circulation of water, will increase their proportion in comparison with the road networks, where the concessions system will continue to have priority for their financing.

In all of these cases, in order to take up these challenges and opportunities it will be necessary to recruit both executive talent and specialist talent, and this will be a critical and differentiating factor. Our wide experience in this field enables us to guarantee success in the searches which we undertake.