Talman Group, we have specialized in Executive Search

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It is very important to us to have a deep knowledge of the markets in which our clients operate and the different functional areas. This enables us to bring value throughout the whole project; in the definition of the profile, the precise selection of target companies, the proposal to the candidates and their exhaustive assessment.

We profit from the transversal experience gained over these last ten years, acting in most sectors of the economy, and seeking managers covering all the roles; General Managers and functional Managers.

Our partners’ background allows us to tackle successfully searches in the following sectors:

  •  Industry
  • Services
  • Professional Services
  • Operations, logistics & Supply Chain
  • Advertising, communication and marketing
  • Health
  • High-volume consumption

Special mention is made of the family business. Our work in a significant number of them allows us to position ourselves as experts because we have a deep knowledge of their specificities when seeking and recruiting managers that suit them.