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The following is a list of the mandates that we have managed in the last 18 months:

  • National family business. Building industry. Turnover: 2,100 billion -  Corporate Director General
  • National family business. Building auxiliary industry. Turnover: 125 million – General Director
  • Multinational. Capital goods. Turnover: 250 million - HR Director
  • National. Online services. Turnover: 95 million - National Key Accounts Director
  • Multinational. Professional services. Turnover: 850 million. - Business Development Manager
  • National family business. Publishing company. Turnover: 370 million. - Director General
  • National. Insurance broker. Turnover: 8 million. - Technical Director
  • National family business. Auxiliary motor industry. Turnover: 975 million - Corporate Operations Manager
  • National family business. Paintings. Turnover: 15 million - Director of Marketing and Sales
  • National family business. Hotel equipment. Turnover: 6 million - CFO

During these 10 years, we are especially pleased to have accompanied some companies in the professionalization of talent for multiple key positions. Here are some examples:

  • National. Industrial sector. Turnover: 625 million - Chief Corporate Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of R & D, Business Unit Manager, Purchasing Manager, PM's, Director of Subsidiaries, Country Manager Iberia.
  • National family business. Textile products - home. Turnover: 40 million - Director of Operations, Sales Director, Sales Manager, Administrative and Financial Director, Purchasing, Marketing, Export Manager, Customer Service, Trade Marketing Manager.
  • National family business. Industrial sector. Turnover: 200 million - Production Manager, Purchasing Manager, Plant Manager, Head of Management Control, Key Account Manager, Director of Subsidiaries, Associate Director, Logistics.
  • National family business. Industrial sector. Turnover: 20 million - Commercial Director, COO, CTO, Director of Innovation.