Talman Group, we have specialized in Executive Search

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  • Fase 1
  • Fase 2
  • Fase 3
  • Fase 4
  • Fase 5
  • Analysis of client’s needs
  • Description of the post (tasks and responsibilities)
  • Definition of the candidate profile
  • Listing of target companies
  • Identification of client’s ‘off limits’

  • Proposal
  • Research strategy
  • Target companies

On our first meeting, a partner will collect any relevant information about your company, its situation, goals, and strengths, and about the post to be filled and its environment.

Our experience across several industries and companies and our market knowledge allow us to provide great value that enriches the initial needs of the company. Thus, an objective profile of the manager to be recruited, including the professional requirements and personal skills required, will be defined jointly with the client.

Note that the partner receiving the mandate will be the interlocutor, and the person responsible for all phases of the search for the candidate, up to its completion.

  • Location of candidates
  • Initial contact and telephone interview
  • Corroboration with the client

  • Progress Report
  • Long List

Expert consultants in candidate location explore multiple sources of recruitment. Our database, our professional networks and the systematic research into the target companies that have been defined, will shape the Progress Report of potential candidates.

Our reputation and credibility in the Executive Search market gives us access and the readiness to submit the projects that we manage.

Together with our client, we will decide which of the interested candidates are qualified to move forward in the process (the Long List).

  • Deciding on the Short List
  • Face-to-face and focused interviews
  • Preparation of the confidential reports
  • Request for references

  • Short list
  • Reports

Our assessment is based on the interview, a step to be repeated during the process.

A first telephone interview to know the candidate allows us to assess the manager objectively, to briefly introduce the project, to gauge his/her motivation for the change and to learn the candidate’s expectations. According to this information, we shorten the list of candidates interested in the offer and whose profile matches it objectively.

In an initial face-to-face interview, we explain the project, in detail, we disclose the name of the company, we go over the requirements of the profile and the cultural aspects of the company. Qualifications are then checked; the different professional stages are again explained as well as the scope of the responsibilities and the achievements expected. Also, the relationship with the manager brings the possibility of advising him or her about the assessment of the professional opportunity provided.

In a second face-to-face interview the competences of each candidate are assessed. This is an interview based on the analysis of behaviour in different situations. It allows us to project their profile and future behaviour, and to assess their adaptability to the culture and the professional environment in which they are going to operate.

The result of this phase is the selection of the most qualified candidates, for each of whom a complete and confidential report will be drawn up, including the characteristics of the profile and the assessment of the candidate’s skills, together with our recommendations (Short List).

Additionally, our consultants will request references to complement their assessment.

  • One-to-one introduction and comparison of reports on the client
  • Coordination of the client’s interviews

  • Selection of the most suitable candidate

The provision of all the information and our assessment of the candidates are essential for the client to make the best decision.

Our reports are submitted face-to-face, and we discuss them to facilitate and to make the best use of the interviews with the client.

  • Supporting the decision
  • Support in the negotiation of terms and conditions
  • Support when joining
  • Feedback on client’s satisfaction
  • Following up client’s joining and job development

  • Acceptance of the offer
  • Joining
  • Feedback

The project is a success when the manager is recruited. In this respect, and since our consultants develop a relationship of trust with the candidates, our intervention allows us to manage the details of the final negotiation in the best conditions, thus enabling a harmonious finalizing of the contract.

Should it be necessary, we conduct an interview with the candidate to prepare his/her resignation, thus providing security and strengthening his/her decision to change.

The fact that our fees are fixed ensures that the negotiation will be objective and impartial, free of conflict of interests and with the sole purpose of finalizing an agreement which is good for both parties.

Once the professional has joined the company, we provide a follow-up with both our client and the candidate.

This enables us to check his/her performance and adaptation to the post and the organisation.