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Executive Coaching Transition (ECT)

This service is for those managers and executive directors who are wondering about a ‘change or professional development’, whether in their company or not, because of some anxiety or as a need.

Besides a methodology proved in processes of transition, we also provide our knowledge of labour market dynamics as a result of our activity in Executive Search and Recruitment.

Benefits for the manager:

  • To be accompanied by our consultants who guide, orientate and train the manager during the process of change.
  • To make a professional and personal assessment of skills, to identify his/her professional goals, to use the basic tools in a process of change and to implement a plan of action for his/her launching in the labour market.
  • To contribute in reducing the time of searching.

Benefits for the company:

  • To offer both a professional, specialised service in managers and advice on the management of the change.
  • To reduce the anxiety of the person responsible for informing employees of their dismissal, helping him/her to prepare the announcement and the logistics of the process.
  • To formalize and homogenize the dismissal process in the different offices of the company.
  • To minimize the impact on the organisation and its possible consequences in productivity.
  • To maintain a high morale among the professionals who remain in the company.
  • To preserve the internal and external image of the organisation as a company that cares about the professional future of its collaborators.
  • To reduce the time, and consequently the costs, of the process of separation, thus contributing to avoid possible litigation.